Top 10 Business Trends.

The largest online technology magazine SKIFT.COM  and business trip aggregator TRIPACTIONS.COM have released a joint report on the TOP 10 trends in corporate travel.

The globalization of the world’s economy leads to an increase in business. Of course, workers which are on business trips get acquainted with the history and culture of the cities they visit. And this growing trend cannot be ignored by both DMO and local businesses. Moreover, this type of traveler is well provided for and often has a high level of education.

The report will be useful for all tourism professionals.

We would like to point out that this type of traveler is usually very good with technology. Therefore, DMOs, museums and other touristic organizations should get their digital services under control, if they want to see business travelers among their customers or visitors. We are talking about mobile audio guides, Internet access, placing objects of touristic interest on all electronic maps, etc. … Otherwise, a disappointed tourist will get unpleasant memories of the destination and, possibly, will share his negative impression with colleagues and relatives.

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