Audit and Monitoring of Online Work

Currently, the most valuable key to making the right decisions is working with digital data. In other words, everything needs to be considered and evaluated.


Unfortunately, the work of travel organizations on the Internet is often non-systemic and random, without taking into account real and measurable results.


We can help any hotel, museum, DMO evaluate the effectiveness of their online work in terms of smart tourism, as well as constantly (for example, once a quarter) monitor the correctness of this work.

To do this, we have a special tool – a methodology for calculating smart tourism indexes, on their basis we can always understand how well the work is being done.


The cost of the service depends on the amount of work, the size of the organization, and the duration of monitoring.


To order the service, please contact us by email.


If you want to do the monitoring yourself, you can buy a manual for studying and applying smart tourism indexes in your business.