Lesson 2

Why Should the Leaders and Owners of Tourism Organizations, Museums and Hotels Study Internet Marketing?

There are at least 10 reasons why you need basic knowledge of online marketing in tourism:

  1. A product in tourism, unlike physical goods, cannot be touched before purchase. Therefore, the search, selection and comparison of tourism products is done mostly online.
  2. A potential client / tourist of museums or destinations is always at a distance. Therefore, Internet is the only way to convey information about their offers and services.
  3. The main selling tool in tourism is trust, and people are less trusting direct advertising. To earn tourist loyalty and build good reputation these days is possible mainly on the Internet. Before buying, people are increasingly using the Internet to understand: what kind of company offers the product, what other people say about this company, what their friends and other travelers on social networks say about this organization.
  4. Regular offline advertising like printed materials, TV, magazines works less and less efficiently. Consumers go online.
  5. Competition among tour suppliers is growing, including online. Therefore, those who do everything correctly on the Internet and social networks receive a huge advantage over their competitors.
  6. More and more companies, especially large ones, use online marketing and social networks, and conduct research in this area.
  7. Only online marketing gives analytics and understanding: which advertising is effective, brings customers, pros and cons of other advertising and information channels.
  8. Almost 100% of tourists arriving in a new place have a smartphone and prefer to use it looking for a tourist service at the destination, rather than printed maps, guidebooks, etc.
  9. The leader or owner of a tourism organization needs to know the basics of Internet marketing for an objective and informed assessment of the work of their employees or agencies working in the field of Internet marketing and SMM.
  10. In the near future, almost all advertising and informational work in tourism will move online and all travel organizations will have to meet the increasing requirements of tourists for the quality of information that they post on the Internet.