Digital Travel Marketing Fundamentals book

In the modern world, it might seem that majority of managers and owners of organizations know how to promote their companies on the internet. In reality, it becomes challenging to do everything correctly, which results in problems like overspending on advertising or not observing positive impacts of online advertising. In particular, this challenge is faced in the area of tourism.  This does not apply that much to very large organizations as they can afford a prepared team of all professionals they need. Small businesses typically have to figure out how to do all promotion tasks by themselves. Luckily, modern internet services are designed in a way that any head of an organization could master them without special education.

Usually, small businesses work on the internet intuitively. It will add a lot of value to their work if they learn how to do online promotion tasks consistently and efficiently. Therefore, the task of teaching small businesses the basics of internet marketing and systematic approach is so demanding.

The purpose of this book

To give a systematic understanding to managers and marketers of online promotion of tourism businesses and organizations.


The authors of the textbook are specialists from the Smart Tourism Center with extensive experience in teaching tourism marketing and smart tourism to various tourism organizations:

Idea and text: Dmitry Tin
Editing: Leonid Andrianov, Andrey Tin.

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Currently the 7th version of the textbook is offered for sale.

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