Destinations Offline CHECKING

Tourism authorities, DMOs and organizations involved in the reception, accommodation, food service of foreign tourists usually do not think about how their guests, who have already arrived in the country and stay somewhere nearby, perceive their service.

Our team of analysts and experts on tourism can check your destination: how comfortable it is to find an organization, contact it, what language. How to find out the working hours and the entrance scheme, whether it is possible to book services online and how it meets or does not meet the hopes and needs of tourists, how the staff of local businesses are hospitable and kind.

The cost is calculated individually for each destination and depends on the amount and duration of work. Upon completion of works, the customer receives a confidential report with an assessment of the current situation and recommendations for improvement.                            For a preliminary assessment of the work, simply send your request to the email:

Mobility Check
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Hospitality Check
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Ports, Train Stations and Airports Check
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Museum Check
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Navigation Check
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Checking Local Tourism Businesses
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