Lesson 5

Misconceptions and Mistakes of Tourism Organizations in Internet Marketing

Most tourist organizations and museums understand that an Internet presence is necessary, however, many understand it just like some services and registration form and this is enough and everything will work, but this is not so.

Internet marketing is not only having pages and services or buying an ad or promotion, but also the daily hard and thorough work of delivering information about yourself to consumers.

Over the course of 2019, we tracked many travel organizations on the Internet and revealed a number of typical errors and shortcomings:

  1. Business information on the site is inaccurate or irrelevant – non-working phone numbers, wrong opening hours. Moreover, the information on the site is not systematic and a consumer hardly understands what you are offering and what exactly you are doing.
  2. Site loading speed exceeds 3 seconds. According to modern research, people do not like to wait and therefore sites that load more than 3 seconds lose more than half of visitors.
  3. Borrowed content. Smart search engines will reduce the position of such a site in the search. Content should be copyrighted, unique and interesting for your target audience.
  4. Sites intended for foreign tourists do not have English version or plug-in for an online translator.
  5. Many of our audience have not started using either Yandex Metrika or Google Analytics. So, business owners and executives do not know how effective advertising channels are, which social networks work better, what happens on the site, etc.
  6. Some do not have a mobile version of the site. It means you are losing about half the potential customers.
  7. Not everyone has confirmed pages in Google My business, Yandex directory and 2GIS, although these are the most popular map services and you can lose customers who are looking for products and services on the map. At the same time, the growth of local search queries in the world is about 150% per year.
  8. Not everyone correctly wrote their addresses, phone numbers, opening hours on e-maps.
  9. Not everyone responds to reviews and comments or just answer formally and copy-paste. It spoils your reputation and shows a soulless attitude towards your client, which ultimately reduces confidence in your business.
  10. Not all travel agencies serving foreign tourists have registration on international platforms like Tripadvisor, Viator, Getyourguide etc., although these are the best ways to attract foreign tourists.
  11. A lot of errors in maintaining pages on social networks, starting with violation of social network rules (for example, a personal profile instead of a business page) and ending with a well-known content problem (uninteresting, borrowed, soulless), which leads to low involvement and lower page coverage. Work in social networks is not systematic and spontaneous.
  12. Many try to use some kind of paid promotion models and do not use all possible free models, although there are quite a lot of them.

Conclusions: we recommend you to go through our online checklist and understand – what mistakes you make and what can be improved.