Lesson 9

What Social Networks to Use for Reaching Tourists?

Social networks are all different, because different people use them – from different locations, of different ages, with different interests.

Accordingly, companies should choose what social networks to use more effectively, i.e., it is necessary to assess whether there is a target audience in a particular social network.

To determine this, there are various studies, methods and services, some of them we will consider below.

Most likely, the services that measure the traffic of social networks can give the most objective picture. Below there are the 2 most popular services in the world – Similarweb and Alexa.

For example, let us take one of the European countries, on April 20, 2020 Similarweb shows these top 10 sites that Germany residents visit often:

1    Google.com

2    Youtube.com

3    Facebook.com

4    Google.de

5    Amazon.de

6    Ebay.de

7    Wikipedia.org

8    Ebay-kleinanzeigen.de

9     T-online.de

10   Bild.de

And this list is not constant and may change over time depending on changes in website popularity and traffic.

A similar service for measuring the websites popularity rating Alexa shows about the same results:

1    Google.com

2    Youtube.com

3    Google.de

4    Amazon.de

5    Ebay.de

6    Wikipedia.org

7    Facebook.com

8    Reddit.com

9    Livejasmin.com

10    Ebay-kleinanzeigen.de

As you can see, the results are slightly different from the previous ones. This may be due to the difference in methods and some technical details. The list is periodically updated and you can always get acquainted with the current online situation for free at the link.

On the other hand, there are other methods that are based on other principles, for example, on samples of statistical data. One example is Statcounter, which allows you to determine the most popular search engines, browsers, social networks, etc. in the particular country. For example, there is a system report on social networks.

According to this system, the rating of social networks for February 2020 in Germany looks like this:

1   Facebook

2   Pinterest

3   Twitter

4   Instagram

5   Youtube


In addition to the listed above, there are other services and studies that are easy to find on your own.

What research could be a guide when placing in a particular social network?

We recommend that you do not follow any study, but make a decision in a comprehensive manner, based on the results of several studies and, possibly, your own, since each business has its own characteristics of the target audience, its own interests and its own preferences.

The final conclusion about what social network is suitable for advertising can be made only by trial and error, because you can never know exactly what will work in marketing and what will not. Therefore, before posting to any social network, we recommend you to carefully look at what people write, their interests, age, what content the audience is interested in, how much this social network’s audience matches your target audience, and only then register a business page and post some content.


In addition, social networks and various marketing companies periodically publish statistics. Here are the examples of such studies for different regions:

For Russia:


For USA:


For Europe:




Such studies are easy to find, we hope it will help you to make a right choice.