google maps

If you have a smartphone or tablet then you do not need a map or a navigator. They might be replaced by the Google maps application, which is pre installed on any Android device or can be downloaded on Play market.

Key features:
1. Determination of your location. Press only one button to find your location and get a map of the surrounding area.

2. See information and reviews on any office, hotels and restaurants near you.

3. See the route to the destination on foot, by car, or by public transport. Just select the appropriate route and the device will tell you where to turn and where you are now.

4. Save the places of interest. For example, before you travel, save the location of your hotel, embassy, ​​theaters, restaurants that you want to visit and then easily find them from the list.

5. Who wants to stand in traffic jams? Define the route in advance, taking into account the traffic on the streets. The colors indicate the busy streets. Red is a traffic jam, yellow is an average load, green is free.

There are many more useful functions in Google maps such as sending your coordinates to friends by email or SMS, setting an exact meeting place through the Calendar application, which allows you to feel “at home” in an unfamiliar city.
One of the frequently asked questions — how does Google maps work if there is no Internet in some place? It has offline mode, you can pre-record the areas you need in the memory of your device.

   In the Android system, this application is installed by default. You can install this application on your iPhone by scanning this QR code:

Google maps