Lesson 1. Structure and Topics of Open Lessons on the Basics of Internet Marketing.

Our portal has extensive experience in teaching the basics of Internet marketing to the leaders and owners of tourism organizations, hotels, museums, guides, travel agents.

We see our mission in raising the quality of online presence of the tourism industry and, ultimately, making travel more intense, informative and comfortable.

Starting from this lesson, we will post regular lessons understandable to all employees of the tourism industry.

Lesson plan for 2020, subject to change.

  1. Why Internet marketing is necessary and why it is important in the field of tourism
  2. Digital indicators of tourist Internet marketing in the world
  3. Terminology – traffic, channels, CPA, SMM, PPC, conversion, sales funnel, ROI, Reach, Engagement, Visits, Views, etc ..
  4. Misconceptions and mistakes in the digital behavior of tourism organizations
  5. Social networks – one of the tools of digital marketing
  6. Key performance indicators in social networks
  7. How to find out which social networks to use to reach tourists?
  8. What is common in various social networks?
  9. What are the main points of working in social networks and what to focus on?
  10. Social networks: paid or free?
  11. Targeted advertising on social networks – how does it work?
  12. Facebook for tourism
  13. Instagram for tourism
  14. ОК for tourism
  15. VK for tourism
  16. Youtube for tourism
  17. Website – the place of your company on the Internet
  18. How to make a website or landing on your own without programming skills?
  19. Making a website with Tilda
  20. Making a website with WordPress
  21. Making a website with Google my business
  22. Making a website with Google sites.
  23. Mobile traffic in tourism – why is it important?
  24. Website traffic
  25. Multilanguage on website and social networks
  26. Tourist traffic sources
  27. Quality and other indicators of tourist traffic
  28. Website technical errors
  29. Website loading speed
  30. Website online status
  31. Organic search
  32. Serpstat
  33. Similarweb
  34. Your business on e-maps
  35. Web analytics
  36. Yandex Metrika
  37. Google analytics
  38. Website monitoring
  39. Content – completeness and correctness of information
  40. Content strategy of tourist organization
  41. Online reputation
  42. Reputation management
  43. Tripadvisor
  44. Viator
  45. Getyourguide
  46. Types of online advertising: contextual search, banner, media, video, targeted.

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