News of world travel destinations regarding Smart Tourism.

New Zealand Tourism’s Future Scenarios
Now, a lot of professionals are trying to predict how the tourism situation will develop in the near future. But
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Mallorca Tourism Development Plan
Mallorca tourism authorities have developed a new tourism development plan for 2020-2023. The plan is quite detailed and carefully designed.
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Village Virtual Tours
Even small towns and villages are increasingly starting to use digital technology, and place virtual tours at different venues to
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Smart City vs Coronavirus
Digital technologies related to tourism can be extremely useful not only in the tourism field. For example, the Spanish city
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Preserving Church Heritage Through Digital Tourism
Using mobile technology to help preserve the culture and heritage of Phillipine is part of the ongoing Smart Tourism program
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New Startup from Singapore.
The startup has been launched in Singapore, it offers a non-profit tourism organizations their technologies and booking platform for
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