Cities with Highest Tourist-to-Local Ratio

Some cities with the highest tourist-to-local ratio are given in the article.

Thanks to development of transport and technologies there’s no problem visiting any city you like. Sometimes, a destination is so popular that visitors outnumber locals! For example, in Miami tourists outnumber locals by more than 16 to one.

These days a lot of destinations are facing the problem of overtourism. We think, now DMOs should pay more attention to a voice of inhabitants in the design of a travel destination. Perhaps, they should apply modern technologies to evenly distribute tourists across the region, as well as apply smart technologies in destination advertising to distribute tourists not only in space but also in time, in order to avoid peaks and “dead” seasons. Other smart technologies, such as automatic guides or virtual tours could be helpful – they will distribute tourist flows, and also improve the quality of cultural exchange between tourists and destinations.

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