Collapse and Revival of Tourism in Hawaii

Like any other tourism in the world, Hawaiian tourism suffered a crushing collapse due to COVID-19. Frank Haas writes in his article that right now the Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) and all tourism businesses have the opportunity to analyze what Hawaiian tourism has been up to now and think about what it should become after recovering. The author discusses the problems of overtourism, analyzes the experience of managing tourist flows in other countries and tries to find the appropriate answer to the question: what is Smart Destination.

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The article is interesting and informative, but we would like to add that destination management is often mistakenly defined as the management of tourist flows, optimization and automation of various processes, etc. What exactly tourists need, how to interact with them, how to attract them with fine and useful content before and during the travel – all of these remains unaddressed. The solution to these issues will help to softly and imperceptibly redirect tourist flows from overcrowded to less popular, but no less interesting sights.

Moreover, over-enthusiasm for technology leads to forgetting the main thing – what tourists actually travel for – impressions, emotions, etc. Often the technologies are good, but they are not filled with live and high-quality content, and therefore we see such a huge number of unclaimed travel apps not popular among tourists.

In our opinion, DMOs should go from simple to complex:

And only then, when tourists are provided with quality content  and information about the destination, think about more complex things.

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