Now many experts are inclined to believe that the future of the tourism industry will significantly shift towards individual tourism. Mass tourism is unable to provide the main condition for the safety of modern travel – social distancing. But individual tourism also carries risks of infection, since it does not completely exclude contacts with other people. The safest option for one-to-one is Smart Tourism, which minimizes the need to communicate with guides, interpreters and locals through the use of various mobile applications.

Tourism business owners, experts, academics, government tourism departments – they are all concerned about the future of the tourism industry. New technologies are developed and implemented, and mobile applications are created in a large number. The issues of security, overtourism, the use of big data, etc. are intensively discussed. But since the future belongs to individual tourism, we think it is high time to think about what a tourist needs.

In modern conditions, tourists begin to worry about their safety already when planning a trip. No technologies, and no mobile applications would help them. They need clear information about the safety of various destinations. In other words – where it Is worth to go and where it does not. And if they decide to go, how to behave there in order to comply with all safety rules? Unfortunately, there is not enough information available online. The Estonian Tourism and Travel Association is taking a good initiative in this regard, compiling a list of recommendations for its compatriots who wish to go abroad.

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Right now, publishing such important information on their resources, tourism businesses can increase loyalty and trust of their subscribers.

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