E-commerce Helps to Adapt to Changes

The catering sector may be among the hardest-hit by the COVID-19 outbreak, although some stakeholders with an already strong e-commerce presence, adapting to changed circumstances has been easier. In the article Cyrille Jomand, CEO and co-founder of iDealwine, a leading online wine auctioneer in Europe, said that being an e-commerce business helped them to respond quickly to changed buying conditions.

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This is a good example when a business with a well-run digital marketing has an advantage over other similar ones thanks to additional “online” customers. Such businesses are more resistant to any crises, like epidemics, visit restrictions, economic stagnation, currency fluctuations.

The global pandemic made it clear, and revealed flaws in the digital sphere for many organizations, and also revealed the advantages of others – those who constantly increased their online presence and were ready for restrictions in trade and tourism.

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