FAM Trips are Being Less Offered

Recent trends have shown that these days FAM trips are being less offered to travel agents.

FAM trip means Familiarisation trip. It is the best way to a travel agent to get acquainted with a tour, to experience it as a tourist.

Any client would prefer to know more about a location from an agent who has already been there. FAM trip gives to an agent the firsthand information about a destination, services, tourist hotspots, hidden pitfalls etc. But the main thing – it gives an experience and emotions. As a tourist, I would like to know about agent’s real experience rather than good speeches of a place he has never been.

On the other hand, providing FAM trips for travel agents by DMOs and tour operators is a way to increase the loyalty of their customers, because travel agents are more likely to sell tour products of an operator providing FAM trips. In addition, when developing descriptions and content, travel agents will use their own content obtained as a result of a FAM trip, and this will certainly improve the position of this travel product in the online search, thanks to the unique UGC. Therefore, wholesale manufacturers of tour products and DMOs should consider the FAM trips.

However, DMOs and tour agencies should understand that a modern FAM trip should include not only accommodation and meals, but also to be more educational. It is necessary to provide the travel agent with the opportunity to get a unique experience and unforgettable impressions, so he can pass it on to his clients. Otherwise, it does not make much sense.


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