Hawaiian Tourism

Hawaii is a fairly popular tourist destination in the world, and it often suffers from over tourism.

In particular, it happens because of thoughtless advertising, when tourists know only a few of the most popular places.

It’s also possible that taking the bait of the general “travel cheap” mood, many on-site facilities underestimate the entrance fee.

The experts Frank Haas and James Mak talked about this here.

The analysis is very interesting, but we would like to add something.

For example, to regulate the flow of tourists, it is possible to use not only entrance tickets and time recording, but also automatic tours which will help evenly distribute tourists around the island. Such tours are created using the audio guides.

Perhaps DMOs should switch to a more targeted online advertising, which will give an opportunity to regulate its volume and distribution area.

Perhaps they should train Internet marketing to local tourism businesses in order to make tourists visit more than top places. In other words, they should increase the online visibility of other attractions and activities in order to distribute the flow of tourists. The basic principles of Internet marketing are given in our lessons.

In general, it is clear that modern smart tourism technologies have much more opportunities than it is applied in practice.

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