Unfortunately an external tourism can’t supply a sufficient safety for healthy of Travellers yet.
It happens mainly because of difficulties to abide social distance in airplanes, trains and cruise ships.
That’s why many destinations firstly focus their attentionin on reconstruction of inner tourism.For example, the Philippine’s government focuses on innovations for a large number of contactless transactions.
We are talking about electronic booking and payment, contactless registration and other self-service points.

DOT: ‘Domestic-focused tourism to allow rollout of digital tools for new normal’

New digital tools in the form of online-portals, web-platforms and mobile application invoke to speed exit of crisis by attracting local travelers and returning jobs to many workers in the touristic sector.
It is especially pleasing that Smart tourism direction is supported in the country on the state’s level.

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The Ministry of Tourism is introducing new regulations and working out instructions for safer and more stable tourism.
Informational and training webinars and web forums are being held.

From our point of view in contemporary conditions the optimal decision is the restoration of inner tourism
It is nesessary to provide the required information even to local travelers.
The most appropriate way is the internet.
In such situation the least DMO and travel businesses can do is to focus on online marketing.
Even the most contemporary touristic technologies will be useless, if travelers do not know about them.
Therefore improve your websites, develop your activities in social networks, cooperate with global resources. Look for your tourist, who will remain satisfied with your services and at the same time will bring you a profit.
If you are not sure how to improve the effectiveness of your internet marketing, contact us.
We will conduct a full check of your Internet attendance and give the necessary recommendations for improving.

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