Ireland Discusses Innovations in Tourism

Many destinations are beginning to realize that the recovery of the tourism sector will be long and ineffective without a technological breakthrough and innovation.

Ireland also understands it, and it was already discussed on the web site of Ireland’s national export agency.

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Unfortunately, many destinations are primarily concerned about the state of the business. In our opinion, the tourist of the future, a smart tourist, should be put at the forefront, because the success of the industry’s recovery will depend on how well tourism stakeholders adapt to the behavior of new tourists. First of all, we mean the active attention of travelers to online services because of the pandemic. And businesses must keep up with their customers.

Innovation for the sake of innovation will not bring anything good except costs, but innovation aimed at improving the tourist experience and the comfort of travelers, and their safety, including biological safety, can give competitive advantages to individual destinations.

In our opinion, the future of tourism will be more personalized and non-contact. We mean online reservations, individual transport, contactless technology in hotels and restaurants, personalized visits to cities and museums.

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