Mallorca Tourism Development Plan

Mallorca tourism authorities have developed a new tourism development plan for 2020-2023.

The plan is quite detailed and carefully designed.

It begins with an analysis of the current state.

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The analysis indicates that destinations which do not develop digital technology will not be able to compete with Smart destinations. Moreover, technologies should be introduced not just for the innovation, but also for creating additional product value and convenience for tourists. By the way, the initial analysis indicated that everything is not so well.

Smart Destination is indicated as one of the main elements of the island’s development strategy:

“Smart Destination: new changes in the behavior of tourists are forced to introduce new processes, tools, means of promotion and management of destinations that are able to respond to new demand and current tourism context.”

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A significant part of this strategy coincides with our concept of Smart Tourism.

Its main idea is that Smart Destination is a place where tourists need only smartphone and the Internet to make a full trip at all its stages. Despite the seeming simplicity of this concept, its goal is quite difficult to achieve, as it involves a lot of work on the part of the tourism authorities, as well as cooperation between all sides of the travel market: hotels, airlines, restaurants, guides and even taxi parks.

At the same time, the very first task of Smart Destination is to ensure that all stakeholders providing travel services give tourists the complete and relevant information about themselves and their services online. And it is important this information to be “visible” both in social networks and in search services.

It does not require special technical skills, or programming knowledge. It’s enough to master the basics of Internet marketing. We are selflessly trying to help stakeholders by publishing open lessons on the Internet Marketing in the tourism sector. 

Unfortunately, the problem is that many DMOs do not want to help local tourism businesses, believing that they must take care of their effective online presence by themselves. And businesses often have lack knowledge, or misunderstanding of how important it is, not only for them, but for the whole destination.

In our opinion, DMOs need to undertake an educational and unifying function in such situations.

Nevertheless, we cannot help noting the importance of developing the “Smart destination” as part of smart tourism. And we hope that such plans will help the development of more meaningful and sustainable tourism.

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