Marketing Recovery Plans

USTOA (The United States Tour Operators Association) released the results of a survey of its DMO members marketing recovery plans after COVID 19.

The survey showed that not all DMOs are inactive during a pandemic.

Many are ready to keep in touch with potential customers and constantly communicate and support them in social networks, because they understand how important it is for the client not to feel left behind during the isolation. And when planning his travels in the future, the client will obviously choose companies that he knows and trusts.

And not the least role in attracting potential customers for the future is played by smart tourism technologies: for example, virtual tours. We also make them in the form of audio guides. Now they allow you to view photos, explore routes, get audio information about the sights of the selected tour or museum. And right during the trip, an audio guide will accompany the tourist in the form of a mobile application on his smartphone. More details here.

In addition, many DMOs see in this time-out the opportunities for improving competencies and qualifications of travel businesses. Usually, the development of complex materials is a problem for the tourist industry, so we launched open lessons on the basics of Internet marketing. You can get acquainted with them here.

In general, according to the report, the market is full of hopes for recovery and quarantine is not a reason to give up.

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