Modern Heritage Protection

The Department of Culture and Tourism (DCT) Abu Dhabi, as part of the Modern Heritage Initiative, takes an unusual approach to preserving historical values. Megha Paul writes about it in her article on Travel Daily Media (TD).

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This is a fresh look at the concepts of cultural and historical heritage, and an original understanding that modern history could be as valuable as ancient and should be preserved for future generations. Obviously, the history of the UAE is a phenomenal development in negligibly short historical period. This country is proud of this and therefore includes modern history in its historical heritage.

Tourists in the UAE are mainly shown the recent achievements of the country. And tourists interested in history can feel its breath and dynamism right on the spot.

Other countries and cities could follow the UAE’s lead. In many countries, relatively old buildings, monuments and other objects are demolished giving way to more modern ones, though modern history is lost. It is necessary to do something about it, for example, to include particular buildings and sights of the modern period in the lists of historical heritage.

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