New Startup from Singapore

The startup has been launched in Singapore, it offers a non-profit tourism organizations their technologies and booking platform for free.

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The main idea of ​​the platform creators is to help local tourism authorities develop their destinations. By creating specialized websites with high-quality content for tourists and hotel booking options, DMOs can increase the effectiveness of Internet marketing, and hotels can reduce their dependence on global OTAs.

The startup idea deserves respect. But we should not forget that all initiatives in the tourism industry must primarily take into account the interests of tourists. And in this situation, it’s rather difficult to understand what most travelers would prefer: constantly use familiar global services for booking and searching for tourist information, or visit a destination’s web site before a trip to get more attractive hotel prices without OTA commissions.

In any case, we believe that the average tourist should always have a choice, so he would spend his money with great pleasure, which is in fact extremely important for the whole tourism industry.

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