New Zealand Tourism’s Future Scenarios

Now, a lot of professionals are trying to predict how the tourism situation will develop in the near future. But forecasters from the University of Victoria at Wellington went further. They tried to predict possible scenarios for New Zealand tourism. As a result, they got 4 different scenarios of what tourism in New Zealand will be like in 2025.

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All 4 scenarios are similar to the plots of different films. Moreover, the first three are not very optimistic, although quite real. Nevertheless, we really want to believe that the future of New Zealand and worldwide tourism will develop according to the 4th scenario, where tourism is based on sustainability, environmental support and the right balance between tourists, business and local residents. We can achieve this future if we begin to take steps in this direction now, using all the necessary means. We mean innovations, digital technologists and, of course, Smart Tourism.

Booking technologies like or Getyourguide make it possible to book services remotely and in advance, without creating crowds in a place.

The technology of audio guides allows tourists to receive information in a familiar language and minimize contacts with strangers. It also contributes to more environmentally friendly paperless tourism, reducing the use of maps, guidebooks, etc.

Smart targeted advertising technologies give an opportunity to redistribute tourist flows by advertising destinations to strictly defined groups of travelers at a given time and in a given quantity. This helps to solve the problems of overtourism.

So, smart tourism technologies can bring us closer to the most optimistic scenarios.

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