Pandemic and Marketing

Should tourism organizations, museums and DMO reduce marketing activity due to coronavirus?

In our opinion, it makes sense to leave activity at the same level, but shift the focus on future trips. In addition, a decrease in tourist flow allows companies, one way or another connected with tourism, to look at themselves from the outside, to complete the previously conceived, to put in order in marketing. Now, particular attention should be paid to Internet marketing, because a huge number of future potential customers are now forced to stay at home because of the infection threat. And it is natural that most of them spend most of their time on the Internet. Perhaps, planning their travels after the pandemic ends.

And that is why DMOs and other tourist organizations must promptly and carefully monitor their Internet resources and social networks, because a tourist’s decision to go to any specific place or not depends on what is written there.

In addition, any DMO or a tour company in the world can use our service of online monitoring of destinations. Actually, smart tourism differs from the usual one in that all information about a destination or tour product must be easily accessible online and accurate at any time, even during epidemics.

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