Smart and Innovative Solutions in Langkawi

Mr. Al-Ishsal Ishak, Chairman of Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission visited Langkawi to experience 5G cases and to observe smart and innovative solutions.

Various already up and running 5G use cases were presented during the visit. We would like to highlight some of them.

Smart Safety and Security Solutions. Modern and well working system of cameras and other equipment that provide safety is very important to developed destination. Safety is one of the top priorities of modern tourists.

Smart Tourism “My Smart City” application. It is a good idea and it can really be convenient for tourists. But the industry knows a lot of examples of such apps being failed. We think, it needs a support and promotion from DMO. Often, such applications are technically well made, but the content is far from great. Moreover, the current trend is that tourists reluctantly download applications on trips, and considerable efforts are needed to convince the tourist to download the application of some city. There is a way out – there are integrated applications that are suitable for any cities. As an example: Google translate, Google maps, izi.TRAVEL, and many others.

UNESCO 8K VR. It is a very important project for learning and education. But at the destination, when a  tourist is available to reach this sight and see it alive, we think it is not necessary.

Many other use cases were also mentioned, you can read more here.

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