Smart Tourism in West Java

The authorities of West Java are also concerned about the development of smart tourism. They want to develop the economy of West Java through the tourism sector, focusing on smart tourism. They see the solution to this problem in creating their own mobile application.

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However, practice shows that it is much more efficient not to create new local applications, but to use ready-made ones that are already installed on the smartphones of most tourists. It is much more convenient and familiar for travelers to use one set of applications which works in different countries than to search and install local applications each time.

There are many examples of this. For example:, GetYourGuide or izi.Travel.

We would like to say a little more about the last application. This is a library of mobile audio guides around the world. By installing the application, a tourist can use his smartphone as an audio guide in a familiar language.

The advantage of using this platform for destinations is that it is cheaper than creating your own application. In addition, it does not require technical work, and concentrates not on technology but on content.

In general, smart tourism is not just technology. Content plays a crucial role here. There are already a lot of technologies and applications in the world, but there are few interesting and useful content, especially in different languages. In our opinion, for DMOs it is reasonable to work in this direction more than in the technological one.

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