South Africa will recover tourism based on accurate data and analyses.

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Actually data is called the new oil for a reason.

If destinations manage to attract “the right” tourists, who are really interested to explore places, who responsibly and ecologically travel without an aim to save money, everybody wins: destinations, tourists and touristic businesses.
The situation is known as Win-Win.
Big data technologies and its scrupulous and correct analysis are able to give opportunity to find „their favorite clients“ among a bunch of people.

Moreover coronavirus situation enables uncommon opportunity „to srart from scratch“.
A lot of DMO’s behavior looks like a movement in a car with one gas pedal before COVID-19, as Dag Lansky told. In other words, the aim was to attract as many tourists as possible
However, limitation for touristic businesses, starting from airplanes to hotels, enforces destinations to send more meaningful invitations to their countries or cities.

Naturally from Smart Tourism point of view it is perspective, because destinations will give appropriate information to the right peoples.

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