The Сapital of Smart Tourism – 2020

We heartily congratulate the cities of Gothenburg and Málaga, which became the capitals of smart tourism at the European Capital of Smart Tourism Awards competition in Helsinki. 

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In our opinion, unfortunately, there was not enough information about this event and selection criteria, although many cities in Europe would be happy to participate in the competition, digitize their destinations and, eventually, contribute to improving comfort and satisfaction of travelers.

For our part, we are also trying to popularize smart tourism and help such competitions, so we give direct links:

Official website of the contest 

Application filling guide and selection criteria.

Moreover, we think that it would be good if this status would be assigned based on the opinions of tourists, for example, based on reviews on Tripadvisor or special polls would be conducted on the topic “How convenient is this or that city from the point of view of a digital tourist”. They could also vote online or come up with something like that.

On the other hand, such contests are very important when the DMO will not strive for digitalization with the goal of digitalization, but primarily to help ordinary tourists. Such contests make smart tourism more popular all over the world.

And although its goal is to popularize the experience and successful solutions for DMOs, travel destinations and travel businesses, we think that there is not enough attention paid to the technological part of the competition.
Perhaps, such experience in conducting contests should be extended to the whole world and held on all continents, possibly under the auspices and patronage of UNWTO.