Thailand Tourism Authority plans to compile the perfect travel guide based on surveys of tourists who have already visited the country. In theory, this guide should meet the interests of travelers as much as possible, since it will include not only popular routes, but also hidden gems of this destination. The survey is conducted through social networks with a weekly prize draw.

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This is a good example of how DMOs should be active on social media. And the usefulness of this campaign is in the personal experience of other tourists that inspires people planning a trip. After all, the best content is UGS (USER GENERATED CONTENT), which inspires more trust among ordinary tourists than intrusive advertising.

In other words, in order to convince a person to go somewhere, you need to show him the impressions of another person who has already been there. Therefore, the future of destination advertising, most likely, lies in the online experience exchange. Impressions – this is exactly why people travel.

This approach is welcome, especially since there is potential for creativity, collaboration and experimentation. Ultimately, active and competent internet marketing will definitely give positive results. The only problem is that DMOs and visit centers cannot always objectively assess their online presence, and analyze the mistakes and shortcomings of their marketing. We can help in this matter by doing this work and giving appropriate recommendations.

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