Tourism Prospects of South Africa

The African News Portal writes that South African tourism is preparing to get out of the crisis updated.

SAT is a South African tourism organization which is preparing a special plan to overcome the crisis.

It was announced that a new look at tourism development will be turned to digital technologies, along with other measures.

This is partly true for marketing to mostly move online, which may attract more tourists to South Africa.

However, destinations have problems with digital marketing all over the world. And in this situation, we could help by providing online marketing review services.

In addition, the SAT plans to focus on small businesses, especially small museums. In our opinion, it would be very reasonable to create multi lingual audio guides in such museums, so ​​ tourists could download it to their smartphones as a mobile application. And here smart tourism technologies might be helpful.

In general, with a correct approach South Africa has every chance of becoming a Smart Destination, if it correctly applies smart tourism technologies.

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