Tourism Prospects of the Philippines

The Department of Tourism of the Philippines, like many other tourism organizations, is now concerned about the recovery of the country’s tourism industry after the crisis.

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The country’s tourism authorities plan to implement a number of changes and measures in the tourism sector. It is about retraining tourism workers to ensure the health and safety of both tourists and service suppliers. Also the measures include the regular disinfection of residential premises and transport services, as well as providing personal protective equipment for tourism workers. To minimize physical transactions, it is planned to create an online system to simplify the transactions related to tourism.

We fully agree that tourism security is the main problem that needs to be addressed. But, in our opinion, the main stake should be made on ensuring conditions for Smart tourism, which is essentially the safest type of tourism today. The use of smart technologies, mobile applications and audio guides minimizes contacts between people and reduces the risk of infections. Read about it in our article.

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