Tourism will Save the Economy

Currently, we are witnessing a lot of online discussions about the future of the tourism industry and its importance in the global economy. It is clear that the entire world economy has suffered from quarantine, but there is uncertainty about what industries in different countries will become the leaders for its recovery. According to the WTTC report, tourism could become such a leader.

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The report provides calculations and specific numbers, of course, it is a sign of new digital thinking when decisions are made, not relied on subjective yet expert assessments, but on strict, verified numbers.

Travelers interested in smart tourism, namely traveling with the goal of exploring culture, followers of eco-friendly and sustainable tourism, in most cases they are usually from North America and Europe. The industry recovery on these continents, the opportunity for tourists to travel is important for smart tourism, because it is tourists from America and Europe who bring more financial resources to the tourism industry worldwide. Also, thanks to technological advancement and having various smart devices, these tourists move tourism technologies forward.

Because of the crisis, many governments will appreciate the importance of tourism industry and its contribution to the economy. They will help in the restoration of tourist flows through their DMOs, certain subsidies and encouraging the introduction of modern effective technologies.

The faster a destination recovers from the crisis, the quicker it will be able to provide the previous level of service to tourists. Moreover, the work that a destination carried out during quarantine and possible identification of mistakes in their policies will make it possible to correct previously discovered shortcomings in the tourism sector. In our opinion, quarantine is the time for engaging in online marketing, checking and improving online presence, with these we can easily assist destinations

Countries where tourism is understood as an important sector of their economy will seek to restore this industry as soon as possible and, most likely, tourism will pull the economies of these countries to the same level. And countries, where tourism doesn’t have a government attention, will reduce costs in this industry. Consequently, they will lose their tourists, resulting in even more stagnation of their economy and a further reduction in capital and jobs.

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