The world’s situation today forces people who are planning a trip first of all to think about their safety. Nowadays the most efficience and well-known resource from being infected is social distancing. Therefore, people are looking for destinations with minimal level of possible contacts. It’s all about electronic transactions and documents, contactless trips in transport, minimal contacts in hotels, etc. Research has revealed that 76% of respondents would prefer to visit countries that provide contactless travel.

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Destinations, for their side, are looking for optimal solutions to solve this problem, often using new digital technologies and mobile applications. In Singapore, for example, a national mobile application has been implemented to track the infected and people who contacted them. But by the government’s own recognititon, the technology is not working as well as expected. There were problems with confidentiality, with the application’s work on some mobile devices, and some other difficulties.

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In Israel, several successful technologies have already been developed, which really increase the safety of travel around the country. Some allow you to determine the signs of the virus using thermal imaging, the use of ultra-high frequencies and even by the smell. Others kill the virus with ultraviolet light. Special robots are replacing service personnel in airports and planes, and new masks will allow you to breathe without difficulty for many hours.

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In the United States the government has chosen a different way – by individualization. It has created a special program to support compatriots abroad. Now any US citizen can register on this portal before traveling: and this will provide him, if necessary, with US government assistance in almost any country.

It is desired that the safety of travel does not overshadow the purpose of the trip itself. We mean things like getting a new exciting experience, vivid impressions and full information by the tourist. Since mass excursions and communication with guides do not fit into the concept of security, mobile audio guides can come to the rescue, as they ensure the contactless tours and excursions. They were invented long before the coronavirus situation, and right now they are especially relevant. Destinations’ managment should work in this direction. Moreover, mobile audio guides are full-fledged digital technologies. Their creation does not require such resources and investments as the development of a separate mobile application. It is quite quick and easy to create audio guides on the global platform izi.Travel . This can be done both by yourself and by contacting specialists. Mobile audio guides for city tours and museums can certainly improve travel’s safety in any region.

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