Using of Social Networks by Destinations

An interesting exchange of travel marketing opinions took place on the Connect travel. Participants:

-Adam Stoker, President / CEO, Relic Agency

-Anastasia Straley, Destination Social Media Manager

-Katie Utken, Digital Marketing Manager, Hamilton County Tourism Inc.

-Josh Collins, Director Destination Activations and Marketing, Streetsense

-Liz Mabe, Director of Digital Marketing, Discover Puerto Rico.

Watch the video here.

They mainly discussed marketing tools, especially the content policy that DMO marketers follow during a pandemic.

In our opinion, such an exchange of experience is very valuable not only for DMOs, but also for any travel agencies, because their readers or subscribers are the same – they are tourists and they have the same questions for DMOs and hotels, museums, etc.

The video will be useful for beginners, small and medium tourism businesses, as all tourism promotion is gradually moving online.

If someone lacks the knowledge to fully understand webinars like this, we recommend you to read our free tutorials on the basics of Internet marketing. 

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