Venice Introduces Smart Information System

Before a crisis caused by the global epidemic, Venice was considered one of the destinations most seriously confronted with the problem of overtourism. The number of tourists significantly exceeded the number of accommodation facilities, and local residents experienced significant discomfort from the influx of tourists.

Now the picture has changed radically. Due to the virus and global quarantine, the city is having a rest and it has a positive effect on its ecology. Citizens already noted the advantages of a reduced influx of travelers. The authorities in Venice are currently engaged in the implementation of an information system designed to control the flow of tourists in the future. Sensors installed on the streets monitor pedestrians, track the number of people and their speed. The system also monitors mobile phones, ship traffic and transport. A smart system will also be able to respond to emergencies.

We believe that this is a very positive example of how a destination should use the slack period and reorganize its activities. But we don’t quite understand how the tourism authorities will regulate the flow of tourists. It’s not enough just to measure, it is necessary to redirect them somehow.

In our opinion, there is a good solution to this problem – the city audio guides that will lead tourists to the “hidden diamonds” of Venice and unclog the crowded center. It is neither complicated nor expensive. In addition, the owner of the audio guide can track detailed statistics, i.e., understand which places are most popular among tourists. We produce audio guides that any tourist can download to their smartphone.

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