TravelPerk, an online travel platform, has announced the launch of GreenPerk, a new service that enables employees and their companies to offset the full amount of CO2 emissions related to business trips. Now, many people are increasingly concerned about the impact they have on the environment, there is a growing demand for greener business travel options and better carbon reporting services. The options that are currently offered to enterprises are strictly limited: they simply provide data on the effects of carbon, and not a complete solution designed to offset 100% of the carbon generated on business trips. GreenPerk is the only business travel service that allows the company to offset 100% of its carbon costs. GreenPerk customers will pay EUR 27 for each tonne of CO2 emitted from their flights, hotel accommodations, train trains or car rental. As a rule, this is 4% of the cost of a business trip, which will be spent on projects to reduce carbon emissions. Projects that will be supported by GreenPerk include the construction of household biogas plants in rural areas of Nepal; the Solar Home System project in Ethiopia, which replaces household kerosene lamps with solar ones; and others.

We believe this is a very promising service, the success of which depends primarily on the awareness of employees and companies. The worldwide quarantine caused by the global epidemic has shown many people a vivid example of how the environment can improve if the harmful effects of human are reduced – now airplanes almost do not fly and CO2 emissions have significantly decreased. Also, more and more people are discovering online services such as courses, virtual tours, audio guides. We hope that through this period, people’s awareness, environmental protection, smart technology and digitalization will take a step forward.

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