The tourism industry is becoming more environmentally friendly. An article on this subject has been published on travelpulse.com by Claudette Covey.

The article is here.

The article provides several specific examples of how different organizations contribute to the development of sustainable tourism through their environmental initiatives. We hope that such living examples will inspire DMOs, travel agencies and the rest of the tourism community to find and implement environmentally friendly and sustainable ways to travel.

We would like to point out that the development of Smart Tourism fits perfectly into this concept, as it makes travel more paperless. The introduction of digital maps, guides, tickets, boarding passes is gradually replacing the need to use paper for the same purpose. To produce 1 ton of paper, you need to cut 24 trees (source), and to produce one sheet of A4 paper, you need to use 10 liters of water (source). Millions of tons of paper products are dumped annually. According to the International Air Transport Association, in 2017, airlines produced 5.2 million tons of waste – and these are only airlines. And if we add printed products in the form of tourist maps and guidebooks, it becomes clear that paperless tourism literally saves our planet.

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