How to Travel Sustainable

There are many tips on how to travel sustainable. The article by Katherine Martinko caught our attention. She gives reasonable and useful advices on how to make your travels more sustainable.

We agree with most of the points. All of them are aimed on traveling without disturbing local nature and community. But eating like a local might be tough sometimes. It would useful to know if there any familiar food service chain before traveling.  

Unfortunately, the article does not mention that modern smart technologies can help travel more environmentally friendly. For example, if there is no other way, different airline search systems can help a lot to plan a travel, and it is possible to choose the shortest path, which, ultimately, leads to lower emissions.

In hotel reservation systems, you can choose a residence on the map to optimize your movements around the city.

You should download in advance a translator, map and guidebook in your smartphone – and then you will not need local paper dictionaries, maps and brochures. Saving paper is a contribution to global ecology.

And as for the good advice that you should share your experience with friends and relatives – we would recommend doing this on social networks, since the overall effect of the information exchange in this case will be much greater.

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