Sustainable Brands

Brands with more sustainable and environmental friendly products have strong potential, showed a sustainability report.

According to the m1nd-set research agency’s report, 84% of shoppers from across all world regions would better perceive a brand because of its sustainable qualities. Among them Millennials and Females are proactive in their quest for greener purchases.

So, today sustainability and eco-friendliness is not just a buzzword, it is a real consumer experience. More people all over the world are becoming more responsible and prefer to get goods and services from sustainable brands.

Smart tourism also has a potential to become a sustainable brand. Smart tourism is aimed at making travels accessible and comfortable for everyone, by using technologies. Also, smart tourism urges tourists and organizations refuse from paper. Boarding passes, hotel bookings, paper maps, guidebooks, and dictionaries – all of these becomes paper waste after using. Refusing from paper products while traveling and using electronic assistants helps to reduce paper waste globally.

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