Sustainable Tourism Trends 2020

The article on the trends shaping sustainable travel in 2020 was posted Impact Travel Alliance’s website. The author points on regenerative travel, undertourism, slow travel and diverse tourism.

Regenerative travel is not new, but we still see only few companies succeeded in this field. It requires skills, infrastructure and specialists, not every organization could afford it. In our opinion, the easier way to reduce damage to the environment is to refuse from paper. Today, travel industry wastes millions tons of paper annually. But modern tourists don’t need paper maps, guidebooks and dictionaries – they have it all on their smartphones.

Smart technologies and apps also solve another problem, mentioned in the article –  diverse and accessible tourism. With a smartphone any tourist has access to services, no matter gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, etc.

In our opinion, all the above proposals are good in their own way and we hope that smart tourism technologies will help in the development of sustainable tourism, as these technologies make it possible to give tourists all the necessary information, as well as optimize the costs of various resources during the trip.

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