Leonid Marmer, general director of Amadeus – Information Technologies LLC shared his view on the future of tourism with tourdom.ru.

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He noted that technology is changing and no one will be able to stay out or wait out the digital transformation, as customers are becoming more demanding. Clients and tourists are often more technically advanced than travel agents.

Leonid’s opinion that the bankruptcy of Tom Cook happened precisely because of technological lag seemed interesting to us.

What we would like to object to is that chat bots will replace people in the near future. Maybe it will happen in the distant future, but now, after some boom, there is a skepticism about this technology in its current form. We have a separate article on this subject here

We would also add that now there are many problems in tourism that can be solved technologically. In our opinion, the most successful solution is the use of global technologies, instead of local ones. For example, for a tourist it is much more convenient to use a single global application with automatic GPS audio guides than to download a separate application in each city. Moreover, in a global application, he can get acquainted with the description of attractions and route maps in advance, and select audio guides in the preferable language.

In general, it is a good attempt at forecasting the future. We are trying to show the opinions of various experts, so based on their experience and vision, readers will have an understanding of where the whole industry is moving.

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