CO2 Tax to Travel Sustainably

In the far future climate change can affect the way we travel, says tourism expert Wolfgang Günther. Sea levels will rise by about one meter by the end of the century. This will cause changes in tourism infrastructure – it will have to be better secured.

Today, 60% of people care about climate change and sustainable tourism, according to the author. But when we plan a travel we always consider a lot of factors due to our experiences and expectations, and climate care and sustainable traveling becomes only one of many deciding factors. Sustainable traveling is not the instruction that anyone could follow.

Wolfgang Günther thinks there is a way to make travel more sustainable for all of us. Authorities should impose a CO2 tax and make CO2 emissions more expensive. This would make energy-intensive travel more expensive and therefore less attractive.     

As we think, even if we impose such a tax, we should know how it will be spent. Obviously, it should go to developing sustainable travel technologies, but this question was left unasked.    

In addition, besides imposing a tax, traveling could be improved by AI and other modern tools in a way that tourists routes and vehicle booking would be planned with minimizing harmful emissions into the atmosphere.  

Perhaps, tourist agencies and DMOs could also join up and recommend the tours with minimal CO2 emission.

However, we admire the author’s attitude and his personal way of traveling.

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