World famous travel expert Doug Lansky made a presentation at the TEDx event.

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The performance is divided into two parts: for DMOs and for tourists.

The main idea addressed to DMOs: stop selling, you need to manage the destination! The work of a modern DMO can be compared to driving a car using only the gas pedal.

The main idea for tourists: travel more responsibly to save the planet!

We are confident that smart tourism technologies will help to solve these 2 problems:

For example, the audio guides that we produce as well as advance ticket booking technologies, allow us to fight overtourism, and digital maps technologies allow us not to issue paper maps, and save forests from deforestation.

But to make all of these work one way or another, stakeholders and DMOs must take care of placing their content on all these systems. In our opinion, this is the main problem at the moment.

You can check how correct and accessible your destination content is on the Internet.

We want the industry to apply more widely the modern technologies to protect tourism, as Doug said, firstly from ourselves.

We hope that together we will improve tourism around the world, and in the shortest time its development will go on a new path.

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