How Villages Can Help to Develop Tourism

In the world of urbanization traditional village life has become something exotic.

In many countries thousands of people move to cities and villages are being left.

One of the ways to save villages and to prevent overpopulation of cities is eco tourism. When a tourist comes to new country mostly he wants to see something local – see local nature, learn local culture, traditional lifestyle, try local cuisine etc. All of these he can find in villages. Developing of eco tourism is a good way to save villages from out-migration, revive local culture and traditions.Besides economic benefits, the wider introduction of tourism in rural life will contribute not only to economic, but also to technological progress, because tourists always have smartphones, they will need to be provided with Internet, they will show the locals the possibilities of modern technologies.

However, we think that a very important question has been missed: how do tourists find out about a particular village, and there is a technological gap, because tourist and village administrations do not represent themselves well on the Internet, inaccurately plotted on electronic maps, don’t have websites in English, don’t upload electronic guides, don’t know how to represent themselves in social networks, etc. Therefore, there is much concern about the additional Internet education of rural tourist destinations. In this case, our free internet marketing lessons may be helpful. We can also evaluate the online marketing activities of any tourism business and give relevant recommendations.

In the interview Manisha Pande shares her experience on her project Village Ways. We think this experience would be useful for all countries, as eco tourism is also developing everywhere. This kind of initiative would motivate people to stay in villages, create guesthouses, keep traditions and share their culture.

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