Internet Marketing Pioneer

Many hotels have only recently realized all the benefits of internet marketing and fully focused on online promotion. But there are real pioneers in this direction, for example, The Roger Smith Hotel in New York, they launched their blog in 2006. All this time the hotel kept abreast of all innovations in the field of Internet marketing, constantly generating original content. TravelDailyNews interviewed Adam Wallace, New Media Marketing Manager, he talked about his work. According to him, the success of the hotel is due to always being open to everything new and not being afraid to make changes. Twitter is currently their most successful tool for engaging and connecting with the audience. Also, they devote a lot of time to the Facebook page. But the basis of their online content and the place people get from Twitter and Facebook is the blog ( According to Adam, they never focused only on promoting and getting a wide audience, first of all, they were engaged in content for enthusiastic people. He also shared the experience of successful campaigns in social media.

In our opinion, the experience of The Roger Smith Hotel can be an example for many other hotels. This is a living example of the fact that in Internet marketing, and especially in the tourism industry, the main thing is not promotion and wide audience, but content, which in turn will attract a keen audience.

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