Interview with Dr. Alexander Schuler

Alexander Schuler, well-known in the field of tourism, reviewed the state of tourism digitization in Germany and came to discouraging conclusions.

As it turned out, the problem of tourism in Germany is similar to the problems of tourists around the world – as yet there is no sustainable, cheap and high-speed Internet for tourists.

There are also problems with the work of DMOs – at the top level, it is possible that works are being done, but at the land level, and even at the city level, local tourism authorities often do not understand what they should do in the digital sphere.

We agree with the professor that broad cooperation between tourism authorities and businesses is necessary. In other words, local tourism authorities should help local hotels, museums and places of interest represent themselves on the Internet and make more professional use of technologies such as electronic maps, automatic audio guides, online ticketing services, etc.

We fully support Alexander that DMO is a marketing organization and M is for marketing, but it is necessary to change this M for management. So, DMOs must deal with the management of destinations. In particular, DMOs can become leaders in digitization and lead this process in their regions, collaborating with local businesses. Tourist impressions do not come from communicating with DMOs, but from visiting museums, hotels and attractions.

In general, a very systematic and critical point of view of the professor will help German tourism to take a new step towards the digital future of travel.

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