Interview with Kirsi Hyvaerinen

We are always happy to share with you good interviews, and here is one of them – Kirsi Hyvaerinen talks about her vision and experience in sustainable tourism.

Kisrsi came to the travel industry in 80s, and since that many things have changed. For example, sustainability is not the niche idea it used to be. It has become much more mainstream and better promoted.

Currently she is supporting change processes in destinations and businesses with focus on sustainable tourism. Kirsi teaches governments, DMOs, associations and individual companies her best practices, trying to put into practice global strategies and action plans.

What is inspiring in the interview is that the modern tourism world accepts the need of informing and education, switch to smart technologies which finally leads to sustainable tourism.

We fully support the ideas of Kirsi Hyvaerinen, and her advice to DMOs and tourist businesses in sustainable tourism –  “think globally, act locally”.

Read the interview.   

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