Low Season Traveller

Low Season Traveller is a website that promotes tourism during the low season in order to broaden seasonality and reduce the effect of overtourism in various destinations. They believe that it is extremely important for the industry to combine efforts to develop tourism during the low season and therefore ease the pressure points of peak season travel. In their podcasts, they talk with experts and locals from different destinations in order to understand why a certain destination is worth visiting in the low season.

We would like to draw our readers attention to the latest Low Season Traveller podcasts on the current crisis in the industry. In the Keeping the dream alive podcast, Dr David Beirman, one of the world’s leading authorities on crisis management in tourism, answers listeners questions about the strategy, preparation and response of the industry to the crisis. The podcast is divided into 2 parts, you can listen them here:

part 1 

part 2 .

We also found interesting the conversation with Olivier Ponti, Vice President Insights at ForwardKeys, a big data and business analytics company. He shared his opinion about the current situation in the industry, the importance of data analyzing, and how it will help to better understand the current context and forecast the future. You can listen it here.

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