Overtourism Issue Was Discussed at Keynote Panel of ITB

We think it is good that such topical issues are discussed on top level – it is another step to find a solution or alternative. Speakers from different countries shared their visions on the issue and we agree with all of them.

Most of the discussants think that there is no common solution of overtourism, and each destination could solve this problem in its own way.

I was also noted that despite the positive effect of tourism on destinations economics, in the long run overtourism reduces the local quality of life, creating everyday inconvenience. Perhaps, the solution to the problem is in the dialogue between the tourist authorities and local residents.

We think that the optimal solution of overtourism is creating “superbrand” destinations, when a developed travel destination integrates small destinations in a radius of 100 km. In our opinion, purposeful advertising with using modern intelligent systems as well as the issuance of electronic guides can contribute to the technical solution to this problem. That would be a great chance for small and less known destinations share their uniqueness andidentity.   

We would like to point out that overtouirsm is a global issue, and it requires a global collaboration.

Watch the discussion here.

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