Overtourism Needs Analytics

Constant development of any destination inevitably leads to overtourism. Today, it is one of the main problems of modern tourism. Professor Dimitros Buhalis shares his thoughts on this issue in the interview on TravelDailyNews.

Professor Buhalis thinks that the term overtourism is “simplistic” and “journalistic”. A lot of places called overcrowded without deep analysis and research. In his opinion, DMOs should exactly know what kind of tourists visit their place, what do they prefer to do, where to go, etc. and with this knowledge it will be much more easier to distribute people flow, and, probably, develop other fields.  Professor Buhalis also mentioned that often local population sees no benefit from tourism development. It is also a situation where analytics is necessary.

We fully support his offers – analytics is really necessary to completely understand the issue and strategy. We would like to add that it is already possible. Modern tourists always take their smartphones which track all their activities. If DMOs will accurately analyze the big data, smart distribution of tourist flows brings the industry to the new level.

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